Nowadays it is considered that a person who is not connected to any social media platform is virtually disconnected from the world. People use social media platforms to connect with their friends, relatives and even interesting strangers. The idea that you do not have to be in person when you speak to someone has greatly encouraged many to connect with those to whom they have not talked to in person. So what connects people who have never met and who have never talked before?
People connect with strangers mostly due to common interests. The common interests generally include music, sports, religion and politics. Politics plays a vital role in the modern man’s life. Everybody is affected by the political system of their country, which is why everybody would like to play a role in their own small or big way to affect the politics, in order to make it favorable for their lives. A big change always needs majority. And majority cannot be built without people coming together. Social media platforms sites like Facebook, and twitter are doing just what the people want. They are providing a platform where people from all ages, religions, all parts of the world and from all races are able to interact and connect with each other. This has given them the ability to share information, whichmost likely would be the problem they are facing from their current political system. By doing so they are able to connect with the people who feel the same and are facing the same problems. People who share their problems receive boldness by the support and sympathy or empathy they get from others in their social media groups. This boldness creates the opportunity to organize a protest or rally against a political system that needs to be changed.
People use sites like Facebook, and twitter to share their grievances and to create awareness. The proof of the changes that have been made to the political systems through the power of social media can be easily seen when you take a look at the Arab world today.

Dating has always been a part of society. Almost every communication channel has been used for dating even the ones used by the Army. Therefore it is never a surprise to know when a friend of yours has found a girlfriend or boyfriend through the social media platforms. Young people spend most of their day on the social media sites. Some of the highly popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter and Mylife is used to manage the various social media platforms from a single dashboard. Twitter on the other hand is a micro blogging site and it allows people to send tweets that are a maximum of 140 characters long. People can share pictures and videos on twitter but the updates are never as graphical as they would be in Facebook. This is one of the reasons why Facebook is the most popular social media platform when it comes to dating.              The best part about sites like Facebook and is that with the help of pictures, videos and updates people are able to easily project their personality online. For attracting a person you need to attract them to your personality. If your personality is not interesting enough then no one is going to be attracted to you. Projecting your personality as interesting is easier on Facebook. This is because you do not have to communicate eye to eye with the person you have a crush on. Most people find it very difficult to express how they truly feel in person, especially with the ones with whom they have never interacted much.

On Facebook you can not only share your mind through the pictures and video updates but you can also chat with the person you like. Communication is an important key for the beginning of any potential relationship. So if you want to increase your influence on a person you will need to talk to them. So after sharing all those wonderful pictures you also need to communicate. So make sure that you use the chat feature of Facebook for your benefit.

Every now and then you may have wondered about who has been viewing your profile, pictures, posts or any other information you may have posted on Facebook. It’s true that Facebook will notify about who liked your comments or posts, but if someone has only viewed what you have shared, then you will not get any notification about it. Therefore, in short, Facebook does not offer you any tool to find out who has been eavesdropping on your account.

Third party Applications and Servicessearching for you on Facebook

People, who try to find this information by searching for applications on Facebook or by searching for tools online, are generally directed to third party services and apps that claim to provide the information you are looking for. However before committing to any of the third party applications make sure to read the user agreement details.

The problem with these third party applications is that most of the times the information they provide is of people who are already using their applications, so in other words, people who view your profile but are not using their application will not feature in the report they provide you.

Apart from the apps that are available on Facebook, there are also third party sites like that can help you with certain information that you are looking for. Even though it can only tell you about the users that are signed up for their services, they have a huge database that covers multiple social service sites which allows them to give you a broader picture. They can help you find out if someone has searched or viewed your profile.

Controlling who can Locate You on Facebook

Even though you cannot know who is searching for you on Facebook, there are some controls that you can exert over who can locate you through Facebook. To be particular, Facebook gives you the option to select who can find you, whether anyone or only Friends of friends. Along with that, you can also control who is able to view the content that you have shared on Facebook. You can share your content to the public, friends of friends or just friends.

Although Twitter is probably the simplest social media site in the world today, there are many who find it very hard to figure out how it works. This probably has something to do with the limit of 140 characters per tweet. Or it could also be because people are used to the graphical or flashy social media sites. But new users need to understand that Twitter has more than just the character limit of 140. Twitter has nearly 400 million users from all over the world, and all of them enjoy the services Twitter offers.

Fundamentally, Twitter is a micro blogging sites which allows users to post theiropinions and views in the form of tweets. To begin with, you will need to sign up with Twitter. The process for registration is simple;also you are not required to maintain a highly descriptive profile as is the case with other social media sites.The ‘About me’ section has a character limit of 160, which means you will need to describe yourself in just about two lines. This has caused people to input only the information that is really needed to describe their self. Had this not been the case many would have typedin the whole story of their life, making it difficult for anybody to judge whether or not they should follow.


Tweeting: Once the registration process is completed, you can start sending tweets, follow friends/celebrities and publicize your brand. Don’t forget the character limit of 140 while typing a tweet. You can use abbreviations to get more space. Twitter will show you the number of characters left while you type a tweet so that should help you stay in track.

There are number applications created by 3rd party software companies that can make the time you spend on Twitter very interesting. In case you are using other social media sites like Google+ or Facebook, try using the services offered by It allows its users to manage multiple social media accounts from a single page.

Social media marketing can be a tough egg to crack for those that have never dealt with it previously. Social media marketing can be much different than other forms of marketing, although the intent is basically the same. Your goal through social media, should be to establish yourself and your company as an expert in your industry, help to network with new individuals that might be interested in the products that you have to offer or have their own clients that would be interested in those products, and allow yourself to continue to build upon this presents once you have established. A few of the things that need to be taken into consideration when you are marketing online include;

Fake Accounts

Services such as twitter are ridden with fake accounts. Although this might seem, on the surface as a reason to avoid attempting to market there, you can actually utilize these fake accounts in your favor. Oftentimes, these fake accounts are used to pitch products or ideas to customers, and do not actually represent a large-scale organization. Of course, these accounts provide a negligible benefit to the social networks, but can still be utilized to promote your own profile. One thing that is often not taken into consideration is the fact that the owners of these accounts that exist solely to promote products, often will jump at the chance to interact with real accounts. By sending messages to them, it can be easy for you to create a sense of interaction that will be viewable to others that follow you. Try not to dedicate too much time marketing to these fake accounts, and instead spend a small amount of time figuring out how they can be used to your advantage.

Interaction Is Key

One of the most important aspects of any solid marketing campaign is the establishment of social proof. By showing that others interact with you, enjoy your products, and consider you to be an expert in your industry, you have social proof that makes others more likely to take to your marketing. Of course, this interaction can be difficult to create without an already established presence on social media networks, but with some due diligence you can begin to establish ongoing interaction. Utilizing tools such as can allow you to monitor several different accounts at the same time, and schedule updates as well. Try tweeting or sending messages to individuals within your industry, and also answering any questions that they pose through social media. This makes them much more likely to answer and interact with you, and allows you to build a following one step at a time.

Network – Not Outright Promotion

Although the end goal for many businesses is promotion, networking needs to be your key concern. By making your main goal networking and not outright promotion of your business, you will come across as more legitimate and less salesy to those that follow you. Although you should not be afraid to post links to your website and promote yourself, your main goal should be to create a conversation with other individuals that are within your industry. Considering using organizational tools like which will allow you to connect with users across the board, and monitor your success. By taking your time to network, instead of promote, you can passively promote your products while gaining importing contacts within your industry.